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 However,  Jr. (Jerome Kohlberg, Jr.)And later his disciple Henry Kravis ( Henry Kravis ). Colbert and Claris, who were working in Bear Stearns at the time, and Claris’ cousin George Roberts started a series of “Guidance” investments. Many target companies lack viable or attractive exit methods for their founders because .they are too small to be listed, and founders. A are reluctant to sell them to competitors: therefore, selling them to external buyers may be very attractive force.

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However,  In the next few years, Bear Stearns Big Three Bankers completed  new data  a series of acquisitions through investment, including a department of Stern Metals (1965), Incom(Rockwood International, 1971), Cobblers Industries (1971<TA<1>Bore、Eagle Motors and Barrows at Stern Metal. [9] By 1976, the tension between Bear Stearns and Kohlberg, Kravis and Roberts led them to leave, and Colbert Kravis Roberts was established that year.

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However,  980s Main entry: Private equity in the 1980s In January 1982, former US Treasury Secretary William E. Simon (William E. Simon) and a group of investors   DJ Leads    acquired Gibson Greetings, a greeting.  By mid-1983, only 16 months after the initial transaction,


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