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I believe that certain experiences are transferable from one field to another. You too can make use of your experiences gained elsewhere in your blogging. 3 guiding principles on your journey to become a successful blogger Life has taught me so much that I no longer believe in ready-made recipes. That you do this and that and success is guaranteed in two months. However, I believe there are a few general principles. By following these principles, you can succeed faster than others, whether it’s blogging or coaching. At least your trip will be smoother. Strategy liberates When the jargon and monk’s are stripped from the strategy work, what remains is a simple matter.

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A strategy is a set of choices. I repeat: a bunch of choices. My own work as a coach latest database rose to a new level when I dared to start making strict choices. What do I really want to do? What kind of customers do I want to deal with? What are my real strengths? What do I want to be involved in promoting and representing in this world? As a blogger, you don’t need a traditional dry strategy document.  to a few well-chosen questions. After that, you act consistently and courageously according to the choices made. Sometimes you stay on the road, sometimes you get disbelief.

All you need is honest answers

 Two opposing forces are constantly fighting within us; we either make FIRE or we make FEAR. You yourself are responsible for which force wins and guides your activities as a blogger. Be in your element Staying in the path of fire becomes easier when you become aware of your own element. In your own element, you BJ Leads do the things you really want to do and you get to use your best sides. To get on track with your element, think back to situations or periods in your life when things went like a breeze.

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