It Is Important That The External Brand

The presence of a career site, a community in social networks, branding of vacancies. The spee of response of an HR manager to responses, communication of interview results – everything adds up to a unique image of the company and helps to attract the attention of “those very” candidates. is in harmony with the internal one, otherwise staff turnover cannot be avoide. Look at all the components of an HR brand and answer yourself would your competitors want to work for you? An example of using an HR brand the American brewing company.

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Of the company conducts a tour of the workshop, shows the team meeting, checking the readiness of the drink and drinking it by the team. After such an advertisement, you not only Guatemala WhatsApp Number List want to buy the product itself, which seems to be made for you and your friends, but also get a job there. Shield from headhunters The internal brand of the company is addresse to its employees. Organizations that brand responsibly from the inside create a solid foundation for their success.

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To win the love of the team, it is no longer enough to pay salaries on time and periodically reward staff. It is necessary to create fertile ground for the growth and development of the company’s employees. Few people want to change jobs if their opinion is listene to. They help to implement ideas, and they also BJ Leads contribute to the development. Of professional and personal skills. In addition, employees nee to broadcast the mission of the company, its values ​​and show that only together with them they can be implemente. A prime example of this approach is Starbucks.

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