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Anticipating possible risks for the business is also part of his responsibilities. Be a confident computer user . Knowlege of Excel, Word, data processing applications – it will come in handy. Understanding business processes . No pointing to the sky. To make a decision, he must know what it will lead to. Ability to generate new ideas and creative solutions. Excellent communication skills written and oral. He will have to communicate a lot not only with colleagues, but also with people from the outside world.

To Conduct Business Correspondence

Present the company at negotiations? Ability to set complex tasks . A financial analyst is always a bit of a conductor. He must understand how to break one big task into Greece WhatsApp Number List many small ones, so as not to lose sight of the big picture. Positive attitude, motivation and success orientation . A person in this position should be able to solve a problem, be able to keep a face , be self-confident and follow the principles of time management. ​Unfortunately, there is no universal set of skills for a particular position.

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We hope that this list will help you analyze the potential of candidates and understand if they have the key skills to work in your company. of the site What is an HR brand and why BJ Leads your company nees it 27.10 2017 In Western companies, the average time to close a vacancy has grown to 27 days. Also, unclose positions “raise in price”. Hiring problems have risen to 68%, according to HR managers. With the development of social networks, job seekers tend to look for a job longer, compare and sort out offers from employers.

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