It Is Important For This Generation

That is, Y’s want to feel valued and cared for. Yes, they are just spoiled children!” – exclaim the representative of the older generation. But that’s the reality. These “children” bring money to companies. And it is better not to miss talented Y-s. Therefore, the main goal of HR is to find motivation for generation Y employees training courses, quarterly bonuses, the opportunity to participate in an interesting project, etc. In this case, one can hope that millennials will stop looking towards competitors.

Time To Work And Time To Rest

To have time for themselves. Millennials may well turn down promotions if they know they’ll have to spend more time at work. Y-and seek promotion B2B Email List if they care about the money issue or other bonuses that they will receive along with the new position. But moving up the career ladder for the sake of status does not always concern them. Many Y’s choose companies that allow them to maintain work-life balance.

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They Go Away Altogether For Many

The familiar concept of office work is completely unfamiliar. Technology allows them to earn money from the comfort of their couch or while in another city. Time to work and time to rest 4. Irresponsibility Late for a meeting? Easily! And technology BJ Leads is to blame. Millennials are accustomed to living in information noise, superficially snatching out the necessary information. This made them flexible and more creative, but irresponsible. Besides, why all these boring meetings, if you can always exchange a couple of messages on the project in the chat.


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