How Can Hr Prepare For The Kadropocalypse

Generation Y and Z have taken over the world.  09.02 2018 As soon as HRs thought they had dealt with the millennials, they were overtaken by a new trouble. Generation Z will soon leave the school desks and begin to slowly capture jobs, increasing their expansion from year to year. Or maybe you should not be afraid of an invasion, but prepare for it? Let’s remember the most important things we know about Y-s. Let’s figure out how to attract Gen Z candidates.

Who Belongs To Which Generation According

To the theory of generations generational theories free master class We recommend watching a free master class Develop and conquer how an HR manager Country Email List can become an effective mentor for an employee Careless gadget lovers. How to manage Generation Y? When millennials first entered the workforce, it seemed to Generation X that all these young idlers who wanted to build the world by new rules were hopeless.

Country Email List

Their Unwillingness To Recognize Existing Authorities

Communication with management “on a short footing” and the desire to escape from the atmosphere of a suffocating office into freelancing has long BJ Leads been a curiosity for HRs and company executives. But as you can see, the world did not collapse. 83% of today’s managers in the labor market are Generation Y. With the advent of 2018, they have become the largest group of employees, outnumbering both Baby Boomers and Xs.


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