The New Generation Grew

They are closer in approach to work, they have similar philosophies and values, and they have a slight age difference. And here are some more tips for managing Zs Give clear, short instructions Microsoft has determined that today’s teens spend 8 seconds on new information. That is how much time the leadership has to set the task for the young talent. After that, it will turn on the filter and everything said will fly past the ears. After all, they remember Z-s badly.

They Have Had The Internet

At hand all their lives, in which there are answers to all questions. Therefore, the first thing to do is to learn how to formulate the problem Phone Number List within 25 words as much as the longest message on Twitter can fit . Even better, break the task into sub-items in writing , where each item will also not contain more than 25 words. This will allow you not to forget about the nuances of the task. Visualize up in the era of memes, comics, infographics.

They Can Read Long Paragraphs

Of the company’s strategy plan for a long time and not understand anything. But if the same information is visualized, they will immediately BJ Leads understand everything. The same rule applies to the education of generation Z. They are only suitable for the online learning format. Rate The habit of collecting likes for their actions, Z-s transfer from social networks to real life. They cannot live without approval and praise.


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