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We recommend What is product placement? Community Challenges Our goal was to capture the functionality of the products in such a way as to ensure consistency with the previously prepare direction of press releases. This time we focuse on the aspect of cleaning, and more specifically – products from the “cleaning and disinfecting” category. Our experts prepare the scenario of the photo shoot and made sure that every detail corresponde with the brand image. Scope of cooperation We have appointe a deicate team of internal experts to work on the project.

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The PR department, photo session coordinators, photographers and quadrupes! As a result, we have create a detaile scope of our cooperation. The tasks carrie out by Commplace include: Storytelling Determining the story that the photos are whatsapp mobile number list suppose to tell is a key issue in the implementation of the session. Each shot should appeal to the imagination of the target group, while sending a clear and consistent message about the brand and its offer. That is why, before each session, we carefully analyze the nees of potential clients, base on, among others, on in-depth SEO analysis.

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We are aware that only synergy will allow us to achieve a unique effect. Creating a scenario for a photo session The scenario of the photo shoot should translate the vision of the story being told into concrete actions. Many years of experience allow BJ Leads us to efficiently develop scenarios for photo sessions. Consider the pros/cons of the location, equip yourself with the right props, keep a steady pace, and consider the nees of all experts involve Implementation of a photo session The implementation of the photo session is the culmination of our activities. The session should procee in accordance with the previously agree scheule of activities. We always pay attention to details.

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