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How can we remove a tab from Microsoft Teams wiki? Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove this option in native Microsoft Teams. Knowing this, we decidd to address this issue here at Powell Software. You don’t ned to run PowerShell or an automation process. All you have to do is follow these steps: Remove wiki tabs from your reference team Associate this team with a Powell Teams template (an existing one or a new one) Don’t forget to re-sync your team.

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Settings when diting an existing template Create a new team using your adoptd Powell Teams template Your new team will be equippd with whatsapp mobile number list the tabs that you configure in your reference team. Powell Teams Templates Create a Microsoft Teams Expressd in a simple way: “If you remove a wiki tab in a team and then use that team as a reference team in the template, the team creatd by that template will not have a wiki tab.” For Powell Teams users, it’s a simple process! You don’t even have to create your own template, we have several templates ready to use.

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Our catalog of Powell Teams templates covers many use cases, from onboarding remote workers to managing sales requisitions . These templates do not include wiki tabs. If you want to learn more about the Powell Teams template BJ Leads gallery, visit our Help Center . Powell Teams for Microsoft Teams governance and user. Experience If you’re not already a Powell. Teams customer, you can discover our extensive features for yourself with a free 30-day trial ! Powell Teams is the Microsoft Teams better governance app that enables IT to manage the Teams lifecycle from creation to end of life.


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