Get your first job after studying at DTS PROA

Alan Kurniadi’s story: Getting his first Android developer job after graduating from the DTS PROA Android program In August 2021, Indonesia’s open unemployment rate reached 6.46%, or 1.82 million people. (Indonesia Center for Economic Reform (CORE), 2021) Alan Kurniadi (30) is one of nearly 2 million Indonesians who fall into the above-mentioned openly unemployed category. At that time, the man, who lived in Siak District, Riau Province, had not yet found a regular job. But at the same time, Allen chose not to give up. With the remaining funds collected from passive income, Alan decided to subscribe to courses on the Dicoding platform. He realized that in order to get out of his current situation, Allen must have sufficient strength in the field of technology. Who would have thought that his journey at Dicoding would lead him to the Digital Talent Scholarship Program Android (DTS PROA Android), which would lead to his first job as an Android developer.

First family member to go to college

Ellen was the sixth of six children. All five of his older siblings had a high school education, as Allen’s parents had relatively limited incomes. His late father was a rubber and palm oil farmer, while his mother was a basic food merchant. However, life seemed to want to give Allen another chance. After graduating from SMK in Computer Network Engineering. Alan was often asked whatsapp data by his friends where he was going to continue his studies. In his little heart, Alan desperately wanted to go to college like his friends. However, he realizes that his parents’ abilities are limited. One day, to his surprise, Alan was asked by his parents . Do you want to go to college.  He immediately accepted the offer because it turned out that his older brother and sister had agreed to pay for the younger brother and sister’s tuition. Finally, on the recommendation of his senior, Alan decided to study information systems at a university in Riau Province. Allen officially became the first person in his family to have the opportunity to receive higher education.

Alan uses his network to seek knowledge

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While participating in various IT communities. While there, Alan asked for recommendations on the best places to learn to code. Later, Alan’s friend suggested that he study  “I relied on the remaining funds from my passive income to subscribe to  s courses. What my friend said is true. I have compared   with other learning places, and I feel that  BJ Leads is the best for me. The reading materials provided by  make it very easy for me to learn. Comfortable.” Alan is very excited to study at  s he is determined to deepen his Android skills so that he can one day find a stable job. In addition to being diligent, Allen also has a strong interest in reading. Every time Alan receives the  newsletter in his email, he reads it from cover to cover. This habit made Alan aware of the opportunities offered by the DTS PROA Android program, which he subsequently announced in a newsletter.


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