Three favorite apps for photo editing

In addition, marketing photos may not always be the prettiest, so they “brown out” the image grid that appears in your profile. In Stories, you can make “story chains” out of pictures and/or videos, where you little by little arouse interest in your blog, the raffle you want or something else. In Stories, you should compile several stories into one complete story with a clear beginning and end.  probably pass as well as a normal update. You can add several images to your stories at once, like a normal update, which makes it easier to create a similar visual entity.

A single orphan story will

 If you want to get more followers, be sure to add a descriptive hashtag to your story, which will make your story new database publicly discoverable. You should also add time and place stickers for the same reason. So feel free to try Stories next when you market your product or service. Do you want to get more noticed on Instagram? on Instagram? 3. The story gets noticed and engages better than a normal update According to Instagram, stories also engage followers much better than normal updates.

Do you want to get more noticed

 It’s also really great that every fifth follower also responds to the story with a direct message. The same has also been observed in business use! Up to 70% of all Instagram users follow at least one company, and a third of the stories with the most viewers are company content. I believe that this category also includes blogs that can BJ Leads be compared to companies with their collaboration patterns. These also apply equally to ads, place your ad in Stories on Facebook’s Ad Management page.

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