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The district labor office appropriate for the place of permanent or temporary residence and looking for employment or other gainful work .This definition of unemployment only covers people ag to for women or for men that is adults who have complet their ucation but according to polish law have not yet reach retirement age .  considers any person ag to to be unemploy if he or she meets three conditions is not a person working during the week in question actively looking for employment is ready to start work in the week in question or the following week. This definition of unemployment also includes people who have already secur a job but are waiting to start it for a period of no longer than months.

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However the pwn dictionary defines unemployment simply as the phenomenon of lack of paid work for people able to work and ready to take up work under typical wage conditions prevailing in the economy. The basic measure of the level of unemployment is the socall unemployment rate . The ratio of the number of register unemploy people to the number Investor Leads of economically active people. The total of working and unemploy people express as a percentage. Unemployment types there are several types of unemployment it all depends on what point of reference we take.  shortterm unemployment up to months miumterm unemployment from to months longterm unemployment from to months longterm unemployment months and more.

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However due to the reasons we can distinguish frictional unemployment shortterm temporary caus by job changes and insufficient mobility. It occurs when Sweden WhatsApp Number the job search is prolong in order to find the best offer or when employees and employers do not. Structural unemployment arises from structural discrepancies between labor supply and labor demand. In poland among others as a result of the restructuring of basic industries textiles mining metallurgy and the liquidation of state farms. In this case the unemploy do not have sufficient professional qualifications to take up work. Opportunistic unemployment cyclical keynesian caus by cyclical changes in the economys productivity.