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After Shearson Lehman initially filed an offer for acquisition, KKR quickly proposed an offer acquisition to acquire RJR Nabisco at a price of $90 per share, which allowed it to continue without the approval of RJR Nabisco management. RJR’s management team worked with Shearson Lehman, and the Solomon Brothers (Salomon Brothers) submitted a $112 bid, and they were confident that this number would allow them to encroach on any response from the Clarvis team.

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KKR’s final bid was $109. Although the price was low, it was eventually accepted by the RJR special data Nabisco board of directors. [18] RJR Nabisco’s transaction value was $31.1 billion, the largest lever acquisition in history until KKR and Texas Pacific Group acquired TXU Energy in 2007. [19] In 2006 and 2007, a number of lever purchase transactions were completed, and the nominal purchase price exceeded the

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 RJR Nabesk lever purchase for the first time. However, after adjusting for inflation, the scale of leveraged acquisitions during 2006-2007 did not exceed RJR Nabisco. [Need to quote ] By the end of the 1980s, excessive behavior in the acquisition   DJ Leads   market began to appear, and several large acquisition companies went bankrupt, including Robert Campeau’s acquisition of Federated Department Stores in 1988, Revco Pharmacy in 1986,

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