McDonald’s brings children closer to great figures in history

McDonald’s launches a new series of children’s books under the name “I can dream big” , within the framework of the Happy Meal Readers Program. Therefore, qhich has delivered books to more than 8 million children in Spain since 2019. The objective of this action is promoting children’s reading. The books have been signed by the Spanish author María Isabel Sánchez Vegara. Therefore, tell stories inspired by the lives of great characters in history. A giant Happy Meal has been installed in front of the Príncipe Pío shopping center in Madrid. Experience available from December 8 to 11, which is designed for children between 6 and 12 years old. Where some of the stories that books tell.

Become part of the story interactively

Those attending the Príncipe Pío experience will be able to learn about the lives of Marie Curie. Ayrton Senna and Elton John. Therefore, children industry email list will be able to choose a scene of these characters to dress up and thanks to a chroma key set. The 12 exclusive McDonald’s books that make up the “I can dream big” collection tell stories of improvement. Therefore, diversity and effort that seek to inspire new generations. Thanks to the lives of great scientists, musicians, explorers, athletes, astronauts and leaders who have managed to make history, overcoming all types of adversity. 

industry email list

McDonald’s encourages reading among children 

The Happy Meal Readers program was born in 2019 with the aim of promoting. Reading in the daily lives of boys. Therefore, girls as a BJ Leads moment of leisure and fun. Therefore, in this new collection of 12 books, the chain demonstrates the importance of pursuing your dreams. The first two volumes, “I can be a curious scientist” and “I can succeed in sports” , are now available in the 560 McDonald’s restaurants in Spain. In the first. Therefore, the little ones will be able to discover the lives of three scientists: Rosalind Franklin, Marie Curie and Albert Einstein . In the second they will be able to meet sports stars such as Ayrton Senna. Evonne Goolagong and Mohamed Alí.


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