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We have Boost Your spoken with Juan Romero de Terry and Willy Vázquez, founders of the agency . How did the idea for Hello Monday come about? Did you expect this great growth? «We started mixing news and humor on Mondays, hence the name. We just wanted to get some followers because that was the purpose of the class project. It was on Twitter and we finished the course with 1,000 followers. We did not expect that growth (which in 2013 was a lot for us) and we certainly did not expect to reach.


Boost Your Xiaomi is Much More Than Smartphones

The more than 250k that we currently have,” say Juan Romero de Terry top industry data and Willy Vázquez, the two young people, 28 and 34 years old respectively, who are behind this business success story born as a result of class work when social networks were not the industry that now seems to have invaded all facets of the daily lives of millions of people.”Said like that it sounds very simple but we are talking about 10 years (which we will turn next February) when Instagram did not yet exist, and a lot of effort and perseverance.”


top industry data

Global Advertising Spending

Will increase next year 2023 but will do so at a slower pace, according BJ Leads to the biannual Dentsu Ad Spend Report . It will grow specifically by 3.8% to reach 740.9 billion dollars. It is expected to strengthen next year by 4.8% despite the economic slowdown currently facing the global economy. This report, which examines data from 58 markets, suggests that the level of spending will slow by 1.6% compared.


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