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We in no way make the value of confirme hard skills less significant, but everyone knows how the ability to present oneself can be decisive in employment. You can search for candidates, view or record a video resume, watch master classes and use other functionality of the service directly from your smartphone. And the adaptive version of the site will help you do all this quickly and conveniently. Adaptation for mobile devices Improve navigation in the testing section We have simplifie the navigation between questions and made the interface more user-friendly.

Testing Just Got Easier! Improve

Practical cases And finally, we made a selection of projects implemente with. The help of the Finassessment service. Why do companies decide to use the functionality of the service. What problems did he allow your colleagues to solve. Perhaps in Chile WhatsApp Number List the selection of cases poste in the. Our projects section you will find a solution to a problem relevant to your company. Practical cases This is a small list of updates and improvements that our team manage to implement in one month.

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Navigation In The Testing Section

There are still many peaks and challenges ahead. But we are determine and will do everything to make Finassessment your indispensable assistant. Stay tune! Pros and Cons of Rehiring Former Employees 07.11 2017 There is an opinion that all BJ Leads employees who write a letter of resignation make the final deliberate choice – the boss does not satisfy for many reasons or the working conditions do not correspond to the declare ones. HR managers are sure that it is not worth going back, and more often than not, this does not lead to anything good.

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