This Opens Up New Opportunities For Both

Ten years have passe, and this system still does not exist.” Distant work In the past Many have begun to use digital technology to work remotely and outside standard business hours. But employers offering remote work options are still the exception, not the rule. Now A study by the Society for Human Resource Management found that three times as many companies offere remote work last year as they did in 1996. employees and employers, who can significantly expand their list of candidates. 

You Can Not Be Tie To A Specific Area

Anywhere in the world,” says Pamela Harding. Distant work Flexible work arrangements and scheules have also le to a different way of evaluating work. For some companies, one of the main conditions for good work was long hours spent in the office. Now the point is not so much how much time a Jordan WhatsApp Number List person works, but how much he does. “The work in this case is evaluate by the result, not by the time spent,” says Harding. What’s next The problem with the technology age is that the human element is often lost. In the next decade, HR managers will be force to teach employees how to communicate in real communication.

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Companies Can Recruit Candidates From

We will have to teach people how to shake hands, how to work without a computer,” says Donatella Verrico. Flexible career development Before In 2005, about 10% of workers in the US were hire by a temporary assistance agency as an independent contractor or on demand, according to a study by BJ Leads Harvard and Princeton University. Now Goodbye, company ladder. Hello giant economy. Just over 1 in 4 US workers worke in the giant economy in 2016, according to the McKinsey Global Institute, and that number continues to rise as people seek more independence and opportunity.


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