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Our research highlights five best practices Understand who your stars are. Scarce staff is difficult to effectively engage if you do not first understand who is the “excellent” in your company. Most organizations use performance appraisal forms that evaluate performance and potential usually a means of determining rewards and career advancement . With this approach, your “star players” are those employees who score high on both scales. Find out where and where your best players are involve. Getting to know your characters is just the beginning.

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For each star of the company, answer two important and relate questions Where do they currently work? What role does each star player play in the organization now? This information Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List will help you assess how effectively you are using scarce top-notch talent. How replaceable are they? Could they have done some other job with the same or similar result? Your most valuable personnel are both highly professional in their current positions and very versatile.

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If you find that a few key positions are missing top-notch people, your all-around stars can help you fill those positions. Determine which roles are key to your business. Not all positions are equally important. Some, by definition, are more important than others in order to implement a BJ Leads company’s strategy and achieve better results. Forward-thinking organizations clearly identify these roles. benefit the most from top-notch talent? and, accordingly, “Which places can we afford to put employees who don’t have enough stars from the sky.


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