The Situation With The Gap Between Supply

All this can be describe in one term – emotional intelligence the ability to make decisions, build communications correctly, high flexibility and dynamism of thinking. 2. Geographic breaks and demand is exacerbate by geographical inequality. Where employers offer a lot of work, there is a shortage of the necessary personnel, while areas with the highest unemployment rate have a low supply from the labor market. In other words, not everyone is offering a lot of work, so many territories – states, cities, regions, and so on – find it difficult to recruit staff.

At The Country Level

For example, in the US, the highest unemployment rate is in the state of Nevada, while in the state of Nebraska there is a lot of work and a shortage of personnel. The same situation in Russia. Moscow has a low unemployment rate of 1.5% and the highest level of competition in Russia. And the North Caucasian Feeral District Indonesia WhatsApp Number List suffers from a small number of vacancies and opportunities There are entire territories, for example, rural areas, where large companies are locate, which have difficulty in recruiting people, since the majority leave for large cities, and not the most competent people remain.

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This Is True Both For The World Situation

Therefore, for employers, the question arises of how to promote not only the brand of the company as an employer, but also the brand of the territory as a place BJ Leads to live and work. So far, only a few companies are doing this. For example, in Russia, the Sukhoi company is implementing an urban project in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, AgroTerra is developing agriculture and promoting the employer’s brand in small towns and villages. 


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