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The exception is when you run for an official position in a competition or to work in a large. Corporation and you are convinced that you did great. In such a case you can for example ask the recruiter to see the file with a description of your grades and results. In the best case scenario you can count on your candidacy being reconsidered but keep in mind. That the employer is under no obligation to do so. Read the next chapter to learn how to react if you receive. A negative response to an inquiry about the recruitment result.

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What to do if you received a negative answer to the question about the recruitment result We all know this standard recruiter formula Thank you for participating in Outlook Email List have decided to hire a different candidate . What can you do if you received this answer when asked about the recruitment result . Briefly and politely thank them for the information and ask about the reasons for such a decision . Perhaps you did not cope with the recruitment task spoke English poorly or had higher financial expectations than other candidates Such feedback may prove invaluable.

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First of all try to draw conclusions

Recruiters usually know a given market very well and can give you valuable feedback. It is worth using this knowledge during subsequent job interviews and thus be more effective. After all we learn best from our own mistakes. In addition it may also turn out that Switzerland WhatsApp Number you were close and the company will contact you soon e.g. when new job offers appear or the hired candidate does not perform well during the trial period. It may also happen that the recruiter will change the job himself and if he remembers you as a professional committed candidate he will come back to you with another cooperation proposal after some time.How to earn money this is a question that almost all of us ask ourselves.

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