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  1. This means that the phrase “business is people” is not as new as it seems. And this is not just a pretentious definition, but also a direct indication to business owners and HR managers that the good of the entire organization directly depends on the number of talente employees. free master class We recommend watching a free master class Develop and conquer how an HR manager can become an effective mentor for an employee What is specialist talent Talent, from the point of view of management, is a combination of skills, motivation and desire to achieve new heights in an individual specialist. Usually, in companies there are about of the entire team.

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The productivity of such workers is on average higher. If talente employees are at the head of a company or division, then its profit grows twice as fast. Interestingly, the impact Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List of talent on company profits differs across industries. For example, it is higher in IT, sales, consulting, marketing, and lower in manufacturing. One way or another, the trends of the time are forcing many companies to look for talent to attract to the staff. What is specialist talent Where and how to look for talent in the company Talent search can be carrie out by a full-time HR manager in conjunction with department heads. Also, sometimes companies open a position in their HR department.

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As a talent acquisition manager or even resort to the services of a talent search agency. Using the work of the latter is quite risky, as they may not know all the features and BJ Leads nees of your company. is somewhat similar to hunting – the HR manager “hunts down the object” in all possible ways, like a hunter of prey. Sometimes he watches him for a long time, and also tries to see the hidden signs of talent in a regular resume or social meia profiles. According to a study by the Society of Human Resources Managers, more than of people resort to lying in one way or another on their resumes. Forbes magazine even compile a list of popular resume lies.


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