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Chief information officer is the highest position in the it department. In polish it means it director . His role is to define the departments strategy and supervise the it systems integration processes. In large corporations work and most processes are automat so a person in this position can influence many key decisions. Cmo cmo is also known as marketing director short for chief marketing officer . Such a person supervises all the companys marketing activities including advertising and sales. Coo coo is an abbreviation of chief operating officer . In polish it means operational director I.E. The head of the operational department.

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The coo supervises all operations in the company and prepares reports. He is often the deputy ceo and works closely with him. Cro cro stands for chief risk officer . Manages a team that aims to minimize financial risk relat to the organizations activities. Csm csm is a customer Mail Marketing to Doctors service manager from customer service manager . His tasks include among others cooperation  of customer service quality and negotiations with the companys key clients. both chief security officer . The head of the security department and chief sales officer. The commercial manager . Cto chief technology officer or cto means director of technology in polish. His job is to control the technical and scientific capabilities of the enterprise.

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Cso the abbreviation cso may come from

English names and abbreviations are also us by people in other management positions in companies. Here are the most popular ones asm from area Whatsapp Number sales manager sales area manager bum from business unit manager branch manager dba from data base administrator database administrator em from export manager export manager hrm human resource manager head of im from import manager import manager kam key account manager key account specialist rsm from regional sales manager regional sales director.  Ceo earnings in poland and around the world salaries for top positions vary depending on the company.