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Research by american and thai scientists from show that the socially accept salary of a ceo should not exce times the salary of an ordinary employee. In reality these differences are much greater. Example sundar pichai ceo of alphabet inc. Googles parent company earn over million in alone . This is as much as times more than the mian salary of other employees. Such an impressive remuneration consists of both a regular salary and the value of company shares held. Large disparities in earnings also occur in other large corporations . Almost million in  the mian salary in the company.

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Company over million dollars as much as times more. In poland ceo salaries are lower but they are still impressive. The record holder on the payroll in it companies in poland the already mention janusz filipiak earn almost pln million gross in alone. There is no denying that Manufacturing Email List directors of large companies often occupy high positions in rankings of the bestpaid professions . Also check out our other guides coworking what is it I work at google earnings what it looks like where to look for offers . Your cover letter will write itself if you use livecareers cover letter creator .

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Choose a professional template answer a few simple questions and the program will generate a professional work letter for you with one click. Cover Vietnam Phone Number letter creator see also a cover letter template for your profession. Do you dream of becoming a or cio what do you think about ceo earnings in poland and around the world share your opinion in the forum below. An english certificate is a good way to prove your language competences. If you include an fce ielts or other certificate in your cv you will appear more crible than other candidates.