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The exam lasts almost hours and costs from pln . As with other certificates issu by cambridge it is valid indefinitely . Cae opens the way for you to advance at work and study abroad. This certificate also allows you to teach english at school. This level indicates a high level of language advancement. English to c certificate cpe exam cpe . Certificate of at the c level. It is valid for life and the cost of obtaining it ranges from pln to pln . And although it is less popular than fce or cae it can be taken throughout poland all year round.

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The whole thing takes about hours. With a cpe certificate you can become a language teacher work or study abroad conduct business negotiations and become a Marketing List of Senior Homes manager in an international corporation. This diploma proves  on par with native english speakers. It is worth taking the cpe exam for another reason even if you get a grade lower than . You score from to of points you will receive an almost equally valuable cae certificate . At the c level. Ielts certificate ielts is also known as the international english language testing system .

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It is the most popular english language test in the world. There are several types ielts academic for prospective students in an englishspeaking country ielts general Sweden Phone Number training for people who want to work or study in an englishspeaking country at subuniversity level ielts for uk visas and immigration academic or general training versions for those  the uk ielts life skills a or b for people who ne to apply to uk visas and immigration for a settl family visa level a or for indefinite leave to remain or citizenship level b. The ielts exam lasts approximately hours and can be taken at official british council centers throughout poland. Test prices range .

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