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The ielts certificate is valid for years . Toefl certificate toefl test of english as a foreign language is the worlds oldest english language certificate issu. The american organization ucational testing service. It is popular mainly in the usa but is accept by centers all over the world. The exam lasts hours and costs approximately pln . It does not have an oral part. It can be taken stationary or online as toefl ibt. Depending on the number of points obtain the examinee has a chance to receive a toefl certificate at levels a to c. It is valid for years . Passing the toefl exam entitles you to among others to conduct scientific research obtain a visa study or work in an englishspeaking country.

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Certificate in business english lcci ets cambridge there are also language certificates on the market that check business english. Such a diploma will be useful for Medical Insurance Leads Email List among others in a professional career abroad. Here are the most popular english certificates of this type efb english for business an exam organiz at five levels of advancement by  test of  a certificate issu by the ucational testing service for a period of years prepar for employees of international companies bec business english certificate cambridge exam organiz at three levels of difficulty the certificate is valid indefinitely toles test of legal english skills a cambridge university certificate for the legal industry which examines knowlge of industry vocabulary.

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How to include an english certificate in your cv do you already know your english level have you pass the exam and receiv a certificate now all you have to do is write about it in your . Knowlge of a foreign language is one of the key competencies on the labor Turkey Telegram Number market. So be sure to include them in the specializ skills subsection of your . Try to make this information visible on the first page of your curriculum vitae this will make it easier for the employer to notice it. You can describe your level of english in two ways verbally . English advanc level or using the cefr scale e.G. English level c .