My first steps to launch an online store in Germany

My first steps to launch an online store in Germany.This month Amazon Germany’s turnover has surpassed that of Spain. In fact, from the second month of life, a significant part of the sales were already made from all over the world. germany flagPhoto rights from Fotolia Sorry. In case you’re lost. I’m talking about my recent collecting e-commerce that I’ve written a lot about lately.

I am going to launch into the German market My first steps to launch

My first steps to launch an online store in Germany.Developing your own online top industry data store is always laborious. Although we already have a Spanish version online, in the end it is always difficult to launch a new website. So now that the decision has been made, let’s speed up the process. Once you are clear that you are going to get started, there is no need to waste time. You have to organize the launch . This time I will do it in a light version , copying what has already worked for us when.

top industry data

Define a name for the international brand online store in Germany

Define a name for the international BJ Leads brand of the store (the Spanish one does not fit, I did not think about the international potential when I chose a project name in Spanish). Set up the Facebook page giving it the air of a community without hiding that there is an owner with commercial interests behind it. Republish the images that.


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