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Spending money on Writing books, making videos, podcasts and participating in events as a speaker are all excellent generators of attention and confidence. They spe up the process of building trust because they allow users to obtain information without having to ask for it. This is the goal: to ensure that all doubts are answer without the customer having to expose himself directly. “ By posting content that shows people that you understand their problems and how you can solve them, you build cribility. Ardath Albee.

Writer and B B Marketing

Strategist Can you tell us reasons why seo expate bd it is important to promote your business on the web without advertising? To this question I have to make an obligatory premise which is the same premise I make every time I am ask why a company should do Content Marketing. It is not wrong to advertise and it is not mandatory to do Content Marketing . If your business gets results by investing in mailbox flyers or radio and TV advertising, keep doing what you’re doing. As long as the return for one euro of investment is positive ( euro + X) there is no reason to worry.

seo expate bd

The problem comes

When the return begins to not even cover BJ Leads the out-of-pocket costs of advertising. This is why companies don’t have a “budget” to do marketing, because for many of them it is a non-repayable activity (with no returns). Having said this, the first reason to think about alternative approaches to traditional advertising by exploiting Content Marketing is the ne to build one’s own community and contents, unlike simple paid advertising, are fuel for the creation and maintenance of a community. The second reason is to have “ucat” and aware customers. This lowers customer service costs and pre- and post-purchase problems because those who have clear ideas create fewer problems and do not fall into misunderstandings.


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