Quickly identify any usability problems

A tool for finding insights and identifying. Customer nes Using heatmaps, you can easily analyze clicks, scrolling or hovering over. All these activities are present in the form of a simple visualization in a color scale from r to blue. In turn, thanks to the recordings, you will. See exactly how your website is seen by the client. By recreating his path (what he clicks on, what are the movements of the cursor, where did he stop for longer, etc.) you will he encounters. PRO TIP: Heat maps and recordings of customer behavior work well not only for analyzing your company’s home page, but also for key content on other subpages of your website.

This is online surveys

A good solution is to verify the behavior of users on the blog. For example, you can see when the reader loses interest in the text and optimize it bas on this data. By optimizing the content and placing the CTA at the right height of the article, you have a chance to database improve conversion or other goals, e.g. subscribing to the newsletter. SurveyMonkey To get to know customers’ nes, sometimes it’s enough to… ask them directly. A good solution that can facilitate. Survey Monkey is one of the most popular tools for creating online surveys and it’s great for getting feback. With its help, you will gain insight into customer reviews via email social mia or chat.


know your customers better

In addition to surveys, SurveyMonkey also BJ Leads provides the ability to create quizzes and other forms of questionnaires that will allow you to get to. Regardless of which form you choose, all results are automatically analyz, thanks to which all the laborious work of organizing data is done for you. All you have to do is draw conclusions and implement optimization measures.


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