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New Year wishes The same argument can be applie to posts that have not had particular success or. That were publishe some time ago and never retrieve via internal links in the blog. Give this content new forms, for example. By turning it into infographics or videos, and post it as new. For some time-saving tips, read our article on how to write a post in just minutes . Organic visits to the site ROI-content-marketing-plan. Formula: [budget for  campaigns FOR organic traffic from search enginese paid traffic value of organic visits to the site. You will know very well the importance of organic traffic to the site which derives from. The enormous amount of users who pass through search engines.

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Well, organic visits to the company website have a real and calculable monetary value. To understand wedding photo editing service the value of organic traffic, simply compare it with. The cost of the equivalent number of visits resulting from sponsore ads PPC . In other words, you will have to ask yourself: how much would these users have cost me for the same keywords if they had come from paid campaigns? Public attention This is a way of measuring the advertising presence of a brand or product, in practice: how often is your company talke about compare to competitors.

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The beauty of the internet is that it is possible to calculate everything, including. The percentage of public attention it has. In traditional outbound marketing, the public’s attention towards a brand is calculate in this way: ROI-content-marketing-plan. Formula: Advertising costs Divide Total market advertising expenses the same share public attention. Translating this formula into digital marketing, we find the calculation of the positioning of the BJ Leads company website pages in relation to the keywords relevant to the business, compare with competing companies. In this analysis you may also discover new useful keywords to target.


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