What is a loyalty program

What is a loyalty type of penalty is applied manually by Google Search Quality. Team employees, unlike an algorithmic filter, which is applied automatically by the search engine’s algorithm. The result of applying a manual filter is a sharp drop in the page’s position in organic search results . The penalty may apply to the entire website, in which case the position of all keywords drops (overall filter) or only specific subpages, when select phrases drop (partial filter). The website administrator is inform about the fact that a manual. Filter has been and its reason via Google Search Console. The reasons for imposing a manual penalty vary.

Loyalty program – why is it worth it

These include, for example, an unnatural incoming link profile. Spamming the website with keywords, placing hidden text on the website, and a hacker attack Photo Retouching on the website. Reasons for using Google manual filters Fight against manipulation of search results Google strives to deliver high-quality search results. Results that will be most useful to users. Unfortunately, some website owners and SEO specialists use unethical SEO practices (so-call black-hat SEO). This is intend to artificially increase your visibility in search results. The manual filter allows Google to identify and penalize such sites.

What elements does a good loyalty program include

Counteracting black-hat SEO techniques Black-hat SEO includes practices that are intend to trick Google’s algorithms and, as a result, gain better positions in search results. Examples of such activities include: hidden texts and links , the use of link farms BJ Leads and excessive use of keywords. I have come across such sites myself many times. Manual filters allow Google to penalize sites that engage in such practices. Supporting search quality By using manual filters, Google can better control the quality of search results, eliminating low-value pages and promoting those that provide valuable information.

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