Link manager: What is it and why is it important for Marketing?

You must have already seen sites like, TinyURL or, on Twitter. These are. Therefore, just some of the most popular URL shorteners on the internet. Shortening URLs is a frequently repeated technique on the web, which refers to the provider you. Therefore, have chosen shortening the link on a page. But, Hotmart Link Manager does much more. And, as we have already mentioned, your business links can say a lot, in fact, much more than you imagine about your digital business.

Link manager: what is it?

To clarify a little more, UTM Parameters can be. Therefore, summarized as the tags that company data will be added to the end of a URL, allowing the tracking of each property of a link, that is, its source, media, campaign, search terms, etc. By using them, you will see. Therefore, the link and performance of your content, what type of link was used and what the cost per click or email is, in addition to identifying a promotion for one of your products and the campaign strategies that are generating results .

company data

And how it works?

Source : This can be the. Therefore, source of traffic for your blog, Google, other media, etc. Media : the origin of the user ‘s click , whether on BJ Leads a banner, media post, blog post, email, etc. Campaign – The name of the. Therefore, campaign you created. Example: “July holidays”. Content – ​​The type of content, such as an image ID in a “promotional-photo-1” post.


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