BERT: learn about the new Google algorithm and what it

To make it easier to understand: The BERT: learn about current. Therefore, model basically observes the order of the terms of the phrase that the user used to perform a search. With BERT, Google will be able to analyze the entire phrase considering the context of a word from the. Therefore, terms that come before and after it (hence the “bidirectional” of the name). It is as if Google now understands the user’s intention when performing a search.

What is Google BERT and BERT: learn about how does it work?

In this sentence, the word “ to ” indicates that the user. Therefore, wants to know if a Brazilian tourist needs a visa to travel to the US. Before, Google simply did not understand that relationship and displayed. Therefore, results about North American citizens traveling to Brazil, which is precisely the executive data opposite of what the user wanted to investigate. Another example of this technology in action would be the results for the search “ can you get medicine for someone pharmacy.”

executive data

How does BERT affect Google Search SERPs?

Currently, the search engine chooses keywords such as. Therefore, “medicine” and “pharmacy” completely ignoring the context. For this reason, results may diverge on how to get a prescription, for example. However, since BERT. Therefore, considers the entire sequence BJ Leads of words, the results change completely. With it, for example, the first entry informs whether or not it is possible to obtain prescription medications from a person other than the patient.


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