Digital business guide for professionals of the new

In this Brief guide to a digital company for professionals of the new economy we will talk about the opportunities that digital Digital business transformation and social, economic and cultural changes are creating and we will analyze the principles of the so-called digital disruption. And we will also review 20 Spanish initiatives that exemplify the digital company model , such as  which alters the value chain of the publishing business by bringing authors and readers closer. Or the case of which has made a service like the legal profession, aimed at small audiences and very specific situations.

Become almost a commodity

A generic and basic product. In the article about the 7 speeds of managers. I said that in the era of connectivity the solution is to create executive email list ideas that people want to share. There are great examples of companies that have created new industries or altered already consolidated models. Like Airbnb, which is turning private homes, apartments, islands, and even entire towns and castles into one-night accommodations or vacation rentals. Or how ZipCar, the world’s largest car-sharing services company, applies the same criteria to driving, so if you are not using your car you can rent it. Economists are good cartographers but bad pilots , as Vincent Massey stated.

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Digital business experts in

Economics and globalization explain better than they predict, but you do not have. To be versed BJ Leads in business to confirm the historical change underway that is opening up immense opportunities. We no longer sell or offer something only to our neighbor in the village or city. Or country: we can offer it, without a titanic effort, to any inhabitant of the planet. It is a lie that our children are going to have fewer opportunities than we had. Our children have and will have many more opportunities, but. What they do not have is the adequate training to perceive and take advantage of those. Opportunities, nor the political, economic and cultural framework to stimulate them.


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