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The message, but not the words Like the description of the link, according to neuromarketing studies, this is the part where the user pays the least attention. It is the one that activates the memory the least. However, even if the user pays less attention to it, we must pay attention to it, especially to the button text . Finally, the purchase decision affects the limbic brain, the reptilian part, which responds to people’s most basic instincts.

Link is not well designed

This means that we have to take good care of that button. A button industry email list that is too flashy with the word “Buy” could cause rejection in the user and make them not click on the ad. No matter how well the previous points are worked out (title, description, etc.), if the link is not well designed, we could lose our conversion even though we have already captured the user’s attention. Keep the following tips in mind: Shows the destination page .

industry email list

Copywriting for Facebook Ads

Create a nice and friendly URL. Choose BJ Leads the button that suits your offer . The text must be aligned with the objective of your ad . When in doubt, choose “More information” . Unless it is a direct purchase option, of course. The “more information” button is the one that receives. The most visits compared to other possibilities ( register, buy now , etc.) Copywriting for Facebook Ads: How to Write Effective Ads in 5 Steps. How to make copy for Facebook: brief guide to creating an ad in Facebook Ads


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