Checklist for your Creativity

Anyone can be creative. However, it’s important to remember that creative thinking doesn’t happen by accident, and it doesn’t occur in a vacuum.

It’s a skill that needs to be consciously applied, honed and practiced. When practiced successfully, it can reveal effective and innovative solutions to various types of problems, from marketing communications to operational roadblocks, and it can generate new ideas.

Our handy list will give you 8 simple but effective ways to get the creative juices flowing and narrow down your ideas so you have something that works and makes sense to your brand (or client’s brand) and your audience.

Put your thoughts down on the page

A long brief can seem like a lot of work with loads of information to get through. If possible keep the brief short and to the point because you’ll find important key phrases and the crux of the project or campaign. So keep it focused on the important points, the rest can be expanded on later. 


The end screen is the place in an ad with the logo and tagline that converts what you’ve just seen in a campaign or advert. It aligns the content with the brand itself. Focusing on that end screen is always a good test because it forces you to articulate the relationship between the creative idea and the brand itself and make sure that there is actually a relationship idea and the brand itself and make sure that there is actually a relationship BJ Leads launch it on the Apple Store.

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