Also Adde Is A Summary Report On The Results

The Finassessment platform is designe not only to provide services of expert selection and verification of the professional skills of financial specialists, but also helps to save the working time of an HR manager. The functionality of the platform is being develope for access from all devices, the ability to cover multiple HR processes, the formation of a single database and the quick download of any reports. Each release of the service brings us closer to this goal. We bring to your attention the functionality of the service, which became available from August , . Firstly, we have update the design of the cabinet and it has become more comfortable and modern.

This Will Allow Our Clients Hr Managers

Motivation and development of staff. On the main page of the portal, a “Quick Start” has been adde – a registration block that allows new users to quickly, in steps, fill out their profile and assign testing to employees. In the HR office, we have update the testing area, now it works clearly with a stopwatch South Africa WhatsApp Number List display and supports various types of tests. This functionality, first of all, will provide convenience and visibility during the testing of employees and applicants. We have implemente for you the Matrix of professional skills , tie to the main positions of financial specialists. Each matrix consists of basic mandatory skills and additional ones – at the discretion of the employer.

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To More Effectively Track Training

Each skill in the matrix is ​​clickable and leads to a test that tests this professional skill. The “Professional Skills Matrix” is also a kind of hint for HR managers, because it answers the questions what competencies and to what extent are necessary for the chosen position of a financial specialist. We continue to BJ Leads work on analytical reports to make it easier for HR managers to process data on assessing the skills of specialists. of testing for several employees of the company at once! alt title For recruiters, we have implemente automatic import of company vacancies from employment sites for now only for Russia, but the list of sites is being adde.

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