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Which leaves any other company in the industry behind. When is a brand strategy neee? Brand strategy is useful when talking to potential shareholders and investors. However, it cannot be built without a complete set of data about the company’s situation. Therefore, it should be base on an earlier analysis – a marketing audit . It may happen that the solutions use so far no longer work. Or maybe the situation on the market has change so much that the old tactics no longer work? As the example of Uber and Lyft shows, brand strategy comes in handy when there is competition. When Uber was the first and only company offering transport, it did not look for distinguishing features by force. Today it is necessary not to be just one of many entrepreneurs.

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Uber, Tesla and Nike also sell values ​​and lifestyle. No company that offers only shoes or cars is able to threaten them. Are you looking for an effective strategy for your brand? Reach for a made-to-measure. Enter your e-mail, we will contact database you Individual brand strategy We talk about an individual brand in a situation where one producer launches many products on the market, which are addresse to different groups of recipients. Each of them is under a different brand, and the name does not refer to the manufacturer in any way.



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An example is Mars Co, which produces the well-known Mars bars, but also Whiskas cat food. There are many more companies operating on this principle, usually very large enterprises that want to increase their market share because their products BJ Leads compete with each other and with the products of competitors. This type of strategy can be implemente provide that the products of a given company are differentiate in terms of quality and price. Their purpose and the way of using the products should also be different. The basic advantages of an individual brand include the great possibility of differentiating the product offer in terms of specific features, and thus reaching different consumers.


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