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Create an effective in minutes. Choose a professional template and quickly complete all sections of your with readytouse content and expert tips. Create a professional now psychological examination no psychological examination yes livecareers online creator is a tool. A professional and download it as pdf or doc. What do psychological tests look like and what professions are cover by them. The list of professions for which psychological tests are requir can be found. The regulation of the minister of labor and social policy of may on types of work requiring special psychophysical fitness .

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There are as many as items on it including operation of tower and mobile cranes operation of mechanical equipment relat to demolition activities operating rolling equipment GRAPHIC DESIGN EMAIL LIST rolling blanks using hand tools drivers of buses vehicles transporting hazardous materials and vehicles with a total permissible weight exceing tons and a length exceing m trolleybuses and tram of traction networks work with flammable materials toxic agents and biologically infectious materials work with open radioactive sources in class I and ii laboratories work relat to clearing the area of explosive and dangerous items sea pilots airplane helicopter.

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Glider pilots free balloon pilots and parachute jumpers flight navigators and flight mechanics in aviation air traffic controllers movie stuntmen wild animal Poland WhatsApp Number trainers and circus acrobats. As you can see professions and activities that require psychological also call psychotechnical tests are most often relat to working in risky conditions using dangerous materials radioactive materials and weapons and responsibility for others drivers and pilots where you ne to be able to cope well cope with stress .