Tips to Give More Security to Your Word Press Website or Blog

To start a Digital Marketing campaign, one of the first steps is to create a website that brings together all the information about your company. Tips to Give If you are reading this post, you already understand the importance of a site for a company’s digital strategy, starting with choosing an appropriate platform to manage it. Hacker attacks are increasingly common and, when they damage a website, they can be lethal, since it is the main online channel for generating new business in many companies.

Make Backups Frequently Tips to Give

Consider the following example: you have a corporate top people data website with a lot of content saved on it, pages describing your products or services, a list of customers who have already purchased from your business, and articles produced on your blog . When creating a WordPress site you can choose to log in with a username or your email. For greater security, we recommend that you opt for email and, below, we will explain why. Usernames are easy to predict, making it easy for someone to discover them, especially if it’s your original name.

Increase WP Admin Directory Protection

Speaking of wp-admin, we must remember that it. Is the main directory BJ Leads of your WordPress site, so it can become completely corrupted if that part is breached. Therefore, try to protect it with a password so that only the site administrator can access it. This causes the login page, in addition to displaying a username. And password, to also request a second password to grant access. There are plugins, such as Ask Apache Password Protect , intended to protect this area. But you can also opt for two-factor authentication, which we’ll talk about below.

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