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Why The driver must have category I hearing and vision at least. Without correction in each eye and very good health . Contraindications to work include addictions and chronic diseases including diabetes and heart disease. Did you pass all the tests Great now its time to learn about the work of a train driver.   license regulate by the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure and Development of February on train drivers licenses . It is issue by the Office of Rail Transport.

The first stage of education is training ending

Interestingly people are exempt from prelicense training if have a document diploma confirming professional qualifications in the field of construction Colombia Cell Phone Number List of rail vehicles railway traffic and railway signaling have complete higher education in fields whose educational program covers issues relate to the construction of rail. And now attention to become a train driver at this stage you must be employe by a specific carrier . It is from him that you will learn the workshop taking over a yearlong course for a train drivers certificate .

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Then you will have to take an appropriate exam . To pass it you must receive of the points from the signaling block and at least of the points from the Indonesia Whatsapp Number remaining blocks including at least half of the possible points from each area. You will receive a drivers certificate from the carrier or infrastructure manager. Train driver license courses are short approximately month theoretical training.

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