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In planning your career His theory is bas on the socall polish adjective list plp. Each factor can be assign adjectives describing character traits. Personality traits according to the plp model amicability scrupulousness dynamism excitability intellect. We already know how to define character traits and personality traits. Now its worth seeing how to use this knowlge in practice . and writing a . A good professional summary in your can convince the recruiter.  choose a summary written by experts and customize it in the livecareer creator . Creator character traits and personality traits in professional life do character traits and personality. Traits influence our professional life and career success intuition says yes and rightly.

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However we do not have to rely only on intuition. Research shows that personality traits are correlat with professional success. But as we already know they are immutable and independent of us. However we can work on character traits relat to soft skills just List of Timeshare Owners like on specializ hard competencies. And many employers and hr managers attach importance to them and expect specific features from candidates. These are the character traits valu by employers according to research  attitude communication skills troubleshooting cooperation curiosity sincerity stress resistance and ability to work under pressure creativity adaptability.

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There is one conclusion from this if companies are looking for candidates with specific character traits it is worth including them in the curriculum vitae and mentioning them in the cover letter . Of course only if you actually have them. Lying on your is a stupid idea Venezuela WhatsApp Number especially since many employers value honesty and honesty. It is worth including character  next to soft skills. Its best to place this element of your high in the document so that it immiately catches the eye e.G. Just below the professional summary or experience summary . See how to do it right soft skills and character traits creativity resistance to stress ability to work in a team positive attitude to work openness.