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Secondary content delves into specific topics and provides additional information to the main topic, creating a cohesive structure around your pillar content . Here’s the connection: pillar content, secondary content and backlinks go hand in hand ! When you find search queries relat to your pillar content, you can create secondary content that addresses those queries. Google Trends , for example, allows you to track changes in your audience’s search behavior and, by using this information to produce new content and update pillar content, you improve your SEO results.

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But remember: it is important to understand the search intent behind each keyword and create a strategy that takes this aspect into account to generate good results. Structure your “topic clusters” around the pillar content to develop a functional Latest database Content Marketing plan ! Tip: Content production guide for the Internet BJ Leads Quality is better than quantity! Search engine algorithms , like Google, have a clear goal: to provide the best possible user experience . Backlink building should be align with this goal. See four reasons to invest in quality : Increas relevance : backlinks from sites align with your audience’s nes are more important than backlinks from irrelevant and unreliable sites.

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Improv User Experience : quality links direct visitors to useful reading, improving the experience and increasing the time spent on your website; Avoid penalties : giving and receiving too many low-quality backlinks or engaging in link schemes can lead to penalties from search engines, damaging your positioning and online visibility; Sustainable website growth : building backlinks and website authority is an ongoing process that requires time and dication. Focus on sustainable strategies that promote healthy growth in your site’s relevance over time! Digital Marketing Schule How to get quality backlinks I’ve gather some of the main strategies , which we apply here at Orgânica, to gain quality backlinks.


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