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Their contacts get stuck or which are the best performing contact points to close a sale becomes essential to improve their performance and contribute to the health of the company . artificial intelligence and marketing Less management and more sales What is one of the advantages that artificial intelligence offers? It allows sales teams to close deals sooner. Many management tasks consider tious and time-consuming are eliminat with sales automation. There are applications that allow you to automate lead management by keeping conversations with potential customers active until the proposal or even beyond marketing automation is an example of this.

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AI systems can be us to generate leads and qualify them, thus saving time for your sales team members. Artificial intelligence favors human-machine interactions while the machine handles the contacts, the sales team takes care of the human side. Artificial intelligence takes care of leads and ruces banal and repetitive tasks as much as possible, however the role play by sales remains important the machine, although now consider on a par with a human brain, cannot express decisive or wise judgments in critical and ambiguous situations, as it lacks those nuances of human emotions. And these nuances are important in business. The job of the sales manager, therefore, is not always the same.

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To keep up with the times it must evolve and adapt to new roles. The sales manager must be able to understand all the data that, he must also be able to improvise as a manager and know how to manage the artificial intelligence itself, understanding BJ Leads what it can and cannot actually do. There is therefore a ne for a representative for the AI. Facilitates customer service Customer service also becomes faster. Chatbots, software design to simulate a conversation with a human being, are virtual assistants (also call intelligent agents) capable of responding to various topics. These chatbots are forms of artificial intelligence that are widely us in companies .


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