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The questions concern various areas of law and the system of courts and bailiffs self government. From the date of announcement of the results you will have years to apply for entry on the list of bailiff trainees at the Council of the Chamber of Bailiffs. The bailiff application also lasts years and must be complete with a select bailiff patron . During this time you will acquire knowledge and skills that will enable you to become a bailiff and run your own law firm.  can take the bailiff exam . It consists of a written and oral part.

After completing the application you

The written part lasts hours and involves developing topics relate to enforcement activities. The oral part tests candidates knowledge of the law the system of common courts the provisions of court enforcement and the performance of bailiff activities. Sample exam Belarus Cell Phone Number List tasks can be found at this link . However passing the exam alone is not enough to become a bailiff. For this purpose you must first work as a bailiff assessor for at least years . Only then can you apply for employment as an independent bailiff.  Unfortunately according to the regulations a masters degree in administration alone does not give you the right to practice as a bailiff.

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How to become a bailiff after administration

For this you should first obtain a masters degree in law . How to become a bailiff without studies Currently this is impossible. To become a bailiff in Poland you must complete law studies and obtain a masters degree in law and then complete an apprenticeship Bulgaria WhatsApp Number pass a bailiff exam and complete at least years of internship as a bailiff assessor. How to become a bailiff without an application Bailiffs can become among others persons who have complete judicial prosecutors attorneys legal advisors or no  apprenticeships and passas persons who have been employ as a court clerk or judges assistant.

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