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These include the childs stay in a hotel guesthouse or agritourism farm visiting museums galleries. And openair museums summer camp or summer camp sports camp scout camp recreation. Camp guide services in cities and on mountain trails bus journeys boat cruises recreational. Activities oneday trip for a child without overnight stay. However you cannot use a tourist voucher to pay for for example dinner in a restaurant. The act clearly states that these must be services provid by. A tourist entrepreneur or public benefit organization in the territory of the republic of poland .

How to download and activate

A detail list of establishments that accept payments. With a tourist voucher can be found on the website of the polish tourist organization at this link . You dont ne to have Lawyer Email List experience writing a cv. In the livecareer creator you will find readymade content for any industry and position which you can insert in your with one click. Creator . Tourist voucher zus application. it to collect a tourist voucher you usually do not ne to submit an application to zus but only activate it . To do this you must have an account on the pue zus portal. Log in you will ne a trust profile access to electronic banking eid or a qualifi electronic signature in this case you can complete the entire registration online.

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To do this you must The polish tourist an account

Otherwise you will first have to go to the nearest zus branch. How to download and activate a tourist voucher step by step click on this link and log in to the pue zus platform. Select the general tab in the upper right corner of the screen. From the menu USA WhatsApp Number on the left click  and then my voucher . On the screen you will see data about your tourist voucher including its current balance. To activate it select activate voucher . Enter your current telephone number and email address read the gdpr clause and click the activate voucher button again . The above steps are also illustrat in this zus instructional video .

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