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The perspective of will find some examples of incorrectly construct prompts and an explanation of why these messages are not effective. Example What are the benefits of healthy eating? This prompt is too general and imprecise. It does not provide any specific information about context or response expectations. This is an open question that may result in general and not very helpful answers. ChatGPT may tend to provide standard information about healthy eating rather than focusing on specific aspects that may be of interest to the questioner. Better prompt What are the scientifically proven health benefits of diets rich in vegetables and fruits.

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Example What do you think about international politics? This prompt is too general and does not specify any specifics or preferences of the question author. For such a broad question, ChatGPT may start to Spain TG Number Data generate a wide range of answers that may not reflect the author’s intentions. Furthermore, a model may be limitin providing information if there are no specific contexts or perspectives to consider. A better prompt What is the role of the UnitNations in resolving international conflicts and how can it be improved? Example How does artificial intelligence work? This prompt is too general and broad in topic, it does not indicate any specifics or scope of the question.

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Mobile-first index is a cost-effective solution

Artificial intelligence is a broad topic that covers many aspects and fields. If we do not provide additional information, ChatGPT may generate generic answers that do not meet the question author’s expectations. Better prompt What are the main applications of artificial intelligence in the medical industry and how will it improve disease Spain Whatsapp Number diagnosis? ways to improve prompts in ChatGPT. Summary The mere availability of ChatGPT does not guarantee success in creating effective content for your online business. To achieve measurable results, increase efficiency and creativity, you must learn to communicate effectively with the tool and get to know its way of thinking and acting.


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