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Importantly, automating the process of creating and refining ads allows you to save a lot of time that you can devote to other important duties relatto running the store. The last advantage is very high efficiency your ad is automatically adaptto the preferences and requirements of the target group, which increases its relevance and chances of converting. Find out more about the Performance Max campaign What is the Performance Max campaign? Everything you neto know about her How to use Performance Max to increase profits in ecommerce? Do you want to increase sales in your online store.

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Display advertising on the advertising network Display advertising on the display network is another effective way to promote your ecommerce store. Due to its visual form and wide reach, it is most often usto build brand awareness and attract new, potential customers. How does display advertising work? Display ads are interactive graphic banners Italy TG Number Data or videos that appear on an advertising network of million websites and mobile applications. When you create a display ad, you can select specific target groups bason their interests, demographics, online behavior and many other parameters. You can also use automatic functions, thanks to which the system will select recipients who will work best in your case and determine the most favorable rates for you.

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Display ads are characterizby their flexibility they adjust their format, appearance and size to a specific website or application to achieve the greatest possible effectiveness. All you neto do is send advertising content such as headlines, advertising texts, images or videos and logos to Google Ads, and the system will select the best combination  and display Italy Whatsapp Number it in the selectplace. Why is it worth using advertising on the display network? Display ads can capture the attention of many potential customers and cement your brand in their minds. They also allow you to achieve the desirbusiness goals without much effort the system takes care of you in composing ads, setting rates and selecting the target group.

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