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Advisor chairman of a team of teachers volunteer coordinator project coordinator social probation officer examiner of the district examination board textbook appraiser and in the case of art school teachers also a teacher consultant cooperating with  skills in using a foreign language at a basic level and in the case of foreign language teachers skills work in the field of ucation or child development publish in an industry magazine or in the form of another compact publication. Then they must submit an application to initiate examination proceings and undergo an interview for the rank of certifi teacher .

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Teachers professional promotion important information the career path of teachers is quite long and arduous. But they can get career advancement DJ Email List faster if they are academics and have a degree. Academic teachers who have work atthree years and have pagogical training are immiately award the rank of contract teacher when they start working at the school. With five years of experience they immiately become appoint teachers. Each subsequent level of professional advancement for a teacher is associat with a raise. Below we present the minimum earnings of teachers at individual career stages .

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Minimum salaries for teachers with a masters degree and pagogical preparation contract teacher gross appoint teacher gross certifi teacher  gross minimum salaries for teachers with a masters degree without teaching preparation contract teacher  gross appoint Taiwan Phone Number List teacher gross teacher pln gross of course some teachers earn much more.  the central statistical office currently a primary teacher earns on average  . Gross an appoint teacher . Gross and a i teacher  gross. It is worth remembering that teachers salaries are also specifi in the teachers charter they are adjust and increas from time to time. Interestingly the government announces further pay raises for teachers from .

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