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Such action would be inconsistent with the act of october on ucation in sobriety and counteracting alcoholism art . The manager of the workplace or a person authoriz by him is oblig to prevent. An employee from working if there is a reasonable suspicion that he report to work under. The influence of alcohol or consum alcohol during work. The basis for the decision should be made known to the employee . The rights of the manager of the workplace referr to in section also serve the superior body over. A given workplace and the body authoriz to inspect the workplace.

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At the request of the head of the workplace a person authoriz by him as well as at the request of the employee referr to in section the employees sobriety test is carri out by an authoriz body appoint to protect public order.  is perform by a person with High School Senior Mailing List appropriate professional qualifications. The regulations issu pursuant to art. Section . As you can see breathalyzer testing at work is just one of the possibilities. An employees sobriety can also be determin on the basis of blood taken by an authoriz person .  does not agree to the examination the employer may call the authoriz services  The police then the employee will be forc to undergo the inspection.

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Importantly an employees sobriety test is also recommend to be perform in the event of an accident at work provid that the employee participat in it. Such a test can be perform using a breathalyzer blood or urine. And failure to do so even if the employee was Romania WhatsApp Number sober will result in him losing the right to accident insurance. Due to the plann amendment to the labor code in the employer will be able to conduct preventive sobriety checks on employees not only in the event of suspicion. Moreover it will also be possible to inspect people working remotely as well as those employ under mandate and bb contracts. However the final shape of the act is not yet known.