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These may be, for example product specification, information about a given industry or field that is important to you, information from your LinkedIn profile, which presents data about you, Your CV or candidate’s CV. We askChatGPT what information is important in constructing prompts. Here is the answer. Consider roleplaying with ChatGPT Just as ChatGPT can mimic someone’s writing style, it can play a variety of roles. If you run a business, you can tell the tool to behave and speak in the manner of a specific person. It may be, for example, a specialist in a given field SEO specialist, real estate agent, photovoltaics specialist, etc., a frustratcustomer filing a complaint, a rebellious teenager, etc.

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Provide examples in ChatGPT promots Providing examples in the promt can help the AI ​​understand the type of answer you’re looking for and give it even more context. For example, if you want the AI ​​to answer a user’s question in a chatbasformat, you can include a previous sample conversation between the user and the chat handler. You can Russia TG Number Data do this as follows You are an expert baker and you answer users’ questions. Sample conversation User Hey, can you help me with something? Expert Sure! What do you nehelp with? User I want to bake a cake, but I don’t know what temperature to set the oven to. Expert For most cakes, preheat the oven to degrees.

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Bason this conversation, answer the question At what temperature should you bake the babka? In a similar way, you can present to the tool what content and statements you do not want. For example Write an email to a customer for a nontechnical audience to learn how to use the WordPress interface. Take care of the style of the text Russia WhatsApp Number it should not be overly formal. This is a bad example of content you should avoid [Insert bad example].. Add facts and details to the prompt To write better prompts in ChatGPT, it is important to provide the model with relevant facts and context details.


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